Shana Witkin

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Creating change and connecting deeply to what matters to you can be rich, challenging and exciting work. Shana strives to cultivate relationships of trust, warmth and respect, and to hold her clients’ journeys of change in a safe and nurturing space.

In her work with clients, Shana facilitates an exploration of the problems and the strengths in their lives. She helps her clients identify their preferred ways of being, as well as the conditions and supports they need to nourish this vision. Additionally, she offers mindfulness practices to help clients ground themselves in their bodies, feelings and aspirations.

Shana enjoys working with college-aged students through older adults, and has a particular interest in working with pregnant and postpartum women. As a mother herself, she understands that pregnancy, birth and motherhood are times of intense expectation, emotion and change. With warmth and compassion, Shana supports women through their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum experiences.

Phone: 802-863-2495 ext. 713