Red Hart-Smith, MS, LCMHC, LPC


I recently joined Networks after over a decade of wide-ranging experience in the mental health
field and I’m excited to bring my skills back home to this community. I appreciate working with
individuals across identity and experience and in my most recent role focused on serving queer
and trans adults. Some current interests include polyamory, kink, identity development, shame,
neurodiversity, boundaries and relationships.

As a therapist I believe in person-centered care and the potential for all humans to create lives
they can feel proud of. I aspire to flatten traditional client/provider hierarchies and create
therapeutic relationships based in client strengths, goals, and actions. I practice from a largely
relational and existential framework; this means the work we do will often be through the lens of
your relationships to people and systems and will explore how those dynamics show up for us
during therapy. I see therapy as a means of helping you understand how you work, supporting
you in identifying strategies for getting your needs met, and building motivation to try new
things. I believe in a collaborative approach and work to integrate feedback to co-create a
therapy relationship where you feel safe and seen.