David S Ganapol

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

David joined Networks Inc. in February 2012 after working for 20 years with children and families. David comes to Networks with a background in community mental health, psychiatric emergency services, school-based therapy, and as an adventure therapy practitioner in residential and wilderness settings. David’s clinical work is also informed by his experience as an educator, a school administrator, and director of experiential learning programs around the world.

David works with clients of all ages through activity, play, and talk therapies. He specializes in issues of developmental trauma, emotional intensity, and high potential/gifted individuals with emotional, behavioral, learning, and social challenges. David has an interest and background in working with clients returning home post inpatient and wilderness therapy settings. In addition to David’s clinical work, he facilitates experiential trainings and consults with schools and community organizations.

David's treatment approach involves working with clients to develop and utilize their capacities: capacity for insight, resilience, expressing thoughts and feelings, for healthy relationships, to regulate sudden mood changes, and to overcome overwhelming life struggles.

David is known for quickly developing productive therapeutic relationships and working from a client-centered intentional perspective. He provides a safe environment free from judgment, criticism, and focuses on solutions, strengths, and support. David's clients value that he is collaborative, works at their pace, and is engaging, creative, and playful.

Phone: 802-448-2558
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