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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Kathleen M. Keating

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse 
Board Certified

Kathleen “Kathy” is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner providing primarily adult psychiatric treatment (ages 18 and up). Her focus is on evaluation and medication management services. Kathy’s practice is based on a view of mental health and mental illness as influenced by biological, genetic and environmental causes and risk factors.

An evaluation typically includes collection of information through forms, interviews, review of past records and sometimes information from significant others. Treatment plans are developed with attention to the client as a whole person, capitalizing on client strengths. Kathy’s work with clients includes coordination of care with other treating professionals. 

Psychiatric treatment includes making diagnoses, developing treatment plans with clients, client education, recommendations and referrals to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. Medication management is a component of psychiatric treatment that includes assessment for the appropriateness of medication for treatment of specific conditions over time. It also includes  prescribing and monitoring progress, side effects, and medication interactions. Once a client is stable on a medication regimen, follow-up visits are typically scheduled monthly. Education and recommendations are provided for other appropriate treatments and lifestyle changes to help achieve therapeutic goals. Treatment is coordinated with other members of the client’s health care team.

Many psychiatric conditions respond best to a combination of psychotherapy and medication, Kathy does not provide long term psychotherapy. In general, her expectation is that clients are also working with a separate psychotherapist or are receptive to a referral to a Networks or other community psychotherapist, as appropriate.

Kathy particularly enjoys working with young adults, and also provides psychiatric treatment in a college setting. She also enjoys assisting adult clients of all ages and stages of adulthood, particularly those experiencing ADHD, mood disorders, and anxiety, grief, and loss issues.
Phone: 866-271-9804